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CLICK HERE to download pdf of back of poster. (1.4 MB)

CLICK HERE to download pdf of front of poster. (2.1 MB)

CLICK HERE to download the Wastewater Systems Booklet (PDF  4.4 MB)

Everything you need to know about about small residential wastewater treatment systems by Stephen John. If you're concerned about having to replace your septic system, this booklet is a must have for your library.

What's the true Cost of Community Services (COCS) for various land uses?

The answers might surprise you. Our 2006 COCS study, conducted with the Door County Land Trust, is very revealing. We suggest you start with this introductory brochure.

Then, when you're ready to advance, click on the FAQ link below and then click on the next link to download a copy of the complete study.

The definitive how-to brochure if you want to make a rain garden. It's 22 pages long, so it is a lengthy download, in full color. Dial-up users be advised!

One of our most popular give-aways. Published by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Extension.


Wetlands Brochure for people with failing septic systems. You can even consider creating a whole wetland neighborhood as a community project.

DCEC's  basic brochure that tells you all about who we are and what we do and invites you to join our mission.


DCEC's famous Silurian Sea poster, created for DCEC by B. By Sura Njaa with original drawings by Flora M. Langlois.


A classic favorite for DCEC Members!

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